Sunday, June 24, 2012

A very happy update

I took a bit of a blogging break once Matt returned home from Afghanistan. We were incredibly busy during that period of time and have since moved to North Carolina! We are very happy here so far and are enjoying exploring our new surroundings. We took the kids to the beach (first time for Addy and the first time that Colton remembers) a few weeks ago and they loved it. Natalie was especially thrilled with the whole experience. Our neighborhood here also provides lots of entertainment. There are many ponds (even one with paddleboats), nature trails, a playground, and a swimming pool all within our neighborhood, so it's been a lot of fun exploring our new stomping grounds.

Even more exciting than our move is that Easton was submitted for EP (emigration permit)!!!!! This is the piece of the puzzle that we have been waiting (not so patiently) for since we first saw his sweet face last October. The EP essentially reprensents him being given permission to leave the country. While there are still many steps to complete before he can come home, this one was the BIGGEST and most PRAYED FOR. With all that being said, we are very confident that he will be home sometime between September and November and I could not be more thrilled.

I am over the moon, crazy excited, so thankful to have the assurance that this beautiful boy is coming home to his forever family SOON.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Taking a break...or just not blogging at all

Since Matt got home (YAY) we've been crazy busy visiting family, spending time together, and preparing for our cross country move in the next month. Hence my lack of blogging.

I'm so thrilled to have my husband home, and as I predicted (in my own mind), I'm now missing our other family member all the more. Easton is now 15 months old and we won't be bringing him home anytime in the near future. When Matt was gone, it was easier to have Easton so far away. I figured that it wouldn't be a good time to bring Easton home with an absent Daddy. Now that Matt's here, all bets are off. I just want my son for crying out loud.

Toay I received NINE new pictures of Easton in the mail from his foster family! I'm so grateful that they took the time (once again) to keep us in the loop and send us pictures of Easton in some of the clothes we've sent him. On the other hand, as soon as I saw the pictures, I just sat on my couch and cried. Because I'm missing such a precious time. Because his adjustment is going to be that much harder the older he gets. Because I'm frustrated with the way things have panned out. Because I just want to hold my son instead of looking at his pictures.

It will all be worth is when he is home. In the mean time, I don't have anything more to say.

To God be the glory!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter, part three "The Anticipation"

Matt called shortly after he was scheduled to fly home to say that he had to get back off the plane due to a mechanical issue. I was beside myself! Already a bundle of nerves and so anxious to see him, I took the kids for an evening walk (around their usual bedtime) to try and relax. Matt called a few more times to say he was still waiting at the airport to get on a plane. Meanwhile, the kids and I got back home and they were getting pretty tired, so I put them to bed. I told them that I wasn't sure if Daddy was coming home that evening afterall and they were of course sad. His flight was delayed three times until he finally boarded shortly before 10 PM his time. He called me and said he was getting ready to take off about 10 minutes after I put the kids to bed. SO EXCITING! He's on his way!
I quickly loaded the van with signs we had made to welcome him home, a balloon tied to the stroller, snacks to keeps the kids entertained, and pinwheels to play with at the airport. Then, I woke them back up and told them that Daddy would, in fact, be home that night it was time to go get him! We got in the van and headed to the airport. It was like the night before Christmas, the night before vacation, and the night before a child's birthday all rolled into one. I can't remember a time in my life when I was more excited. Natalie declared that this was an answer to prayer (see part two) and that she couldn't wait to hug Daddy. Colton asked if Daddy was really coming home. I told him "Absolutely!" Then Colton asked if he would stay a whole week. I told him that he would be staying for good! He then declared, "I can't believe it." Addy had no idea why on earth I woke her up from sleeping and put her in the van and why her brother and sister and I were so excited. She clutched her beloved plush cow and fell back asleep in her carseat.
After a fairly short drive, we arrived at the airport, parked and unloaded the van, and headed inside. At this point, my heart was starting to beat faster and faster and I checked his flight tracker (again) and we only had 20 minutes to wait. We got our signs out, took a quick bathroom break, and then waited. Pretty soon, his plane landed and pulled into the gate. I lifted the kids up one by one and pointed out his plane. They were getting VERY excited at this point and Colton asked me repeatedly, "Are you sure Daddy is inside that plane?" He could hardly believe it.
A few minutes later, people began filing off the plane. Lots of them. But none of them Matt. So we waited. And waited. For what seemed like forever. Bystanders saw our signs and asked if the soldier on board was ours. I said yes and then tried not to cry tears of joy knowing I would see him any second. A very kind woman offered to take pictures with my iphone, so I handed her my phone and kept waiting. And then it happened. I saw him!!!
To be continued...

Easter, part two "The Call"

"Daddy, let's play superheroes together again soon." -Colton
"Daddy, I want to be a snugglebug with with!" -Natalie

As we were sitting down to eat Easter lunch, I received the most anticipated call of the last seven months of my life: "Babe, I'm coming home today." HALLELUJAH!!! Matt would be making the last leg of his long journey home on Easter night. He was expected to arrive just after 9 PM local time. I got off the phone and was just in shock. Honestly, it was surreal to me to think that the kids and I were actually going to see him, in person, that very night!
Natalie had been praying for weeks that Daddy would be home on Easter and I had been telling her that it was unlikely he would be home that soon (he wasn't supposed to be home for a full week after Easter), but that of course God can do anything. What a beautiful way to have her faith in God affirmed and encouraged by such a direct answer to her prayer.
I announced to all my guests that Matt was coming home that evening, so we headed outside to start decorating. Aggghhhh! This is really happening!
To be continued...

Easter, part one

The Egg hunt (Addy was napping)
Three out of four picking their noses. Nice. :-)
Nana, Papa, my grandparents (love them!), and all the kidlets

Happy Belated Easter! What a beautiful day of celebrating the cornerstone of my faith: my ressurected Lord Jesus Christ. I had the priviledge of hosting Easter at my house this year. My parents, mother in law, grandparents, darling niece Winter, and a few family friends all came over after church and we had a great afternoon eating, having an egg hunt, and spending time outdoors. It was a beautiful day. To be continued...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

He's coming home!!!

We are making signs
We are getting ready
to welcome Daddy home!
We won't be doing this (skype) much longer!
Can't wait to welcome our soldier HOME.
That's right--he's coming home--SOON!!!! I can hardly stand the anticipation. It's close folks. I mean, close enough that I need to go to the store and stock up on his favorites (Coke, chips, ice cream, and pizza--I didn't marry a health nut). Someone told me that the last part of deployment is just as hard as the first part. At first, it's the grief that's so hard. At the end, it's the anticipation. I thought that statement was ridiculous! What's hard about knowing your beloved is coming home soon? Yeah...I spoke too soon. While I wouldn't say that it's just as hard as in the beginning (those were dark times...) it is harder than I thought to WAIT. If you know me well, then you are probably aware that I'm not exactly patient by nature. So, I find myself having a very hard time focusing, sleeping, putting a sentence together etc. because I'm just so ANXIOUS to see Matt again.
On the other hand, it's hard to actually believe that he's going to be back home soon. I've gotten so used to him not being here that it's hard to imagine anything different. Of course, it's going to be a welcome change. It's just a little surreal to picture him walking off an airplane HERE.
Alright, I'm going to go back to tapping my foot now. Carry on.